Buluke stories: Tatiana Kiara

Quick question? What were you doing at 14?

Me: I didn't even know what my passion was, I was just living my best high school life and looking forward to going to inter-school functions or funkies.

Tatiana Kiara is 14 years old and has a big love for the creative arts. She is a teenager who is trying to discover who she is while chasing her passion, she is doing a great job at it and just like her name (Kiara from the Lion King movie) she is a young Lioness....peep her story below;

She is destined for greatness with that fire spirit and today is a blog anniversary.



1.      Briefly introduce yourself? Who is Tatiana? 

My name is Tatiana Kiara, I'm 14yrs old going on 15yrs old. I'm a high school student, year 9 to be exact. I have a crazy strong passion for music and performing, I'm a blogger as of now. Anyone who has worked with me might describe me as a workaholic, a perfectionist, I just say I am completely devoted to my work and blog among other things I am a feminist, a dog lover, a Beyonce super fan, a best friend to many, a sister to one and I love travelling oh my Gosh!  Keeping up?....lol

2.      Tell us briefly about your brand, when it was started?

Technically I've been working on stage and performing since I was three years old, but I started all things Kiki about a year ago. It's actually my one year anniversary on the 29th of May so ayyeee!!!

3.      Is there a unique story behind your brand or brand name or logo? 

All Things Kiki means everything and anything; no specific theme, each day a new blog.  All things me. ATK started as a fashion blog, then I got bored and since I love being versatile, I decided to also start writing meaningful things which I love.

4.     Why did you start your work? Is it personal to you?

Funny story, so I was bullied in year 8 and I don't think there is a time I've ever looked at myself in the mirror and thought so low of myself as I did in year 8.

I just needed to prove to myself and to my bullies that Tatiana was not what they made her out to be so I started these boss moves, sleepless nights, working on my brand and more people started calling me Kiara which I found symbolic because Kiara is the me that want out there and would never let anyone crush her spirit. My mom picked that name out of the famous movie Lion King.

I'm a fierce lioness, I'm Beyonce no one can mess with me. Not any more.

5.    Describe the current surroundings with regards to your journey? 

Okay so for one, try getting any one in Kenya to take a 14 year old seriously, let me know how that goes. I literally had to grow this badass diva attitude so people could wake up and be like "oh okay she's serious".

Secondly, I noticed in the Kenyan music industry people are very cooperative and nice, like I'd rather spend my time at a jam session than at a fashion show. Every one at Kenyan fashion shows is snobby, rude, intimidating and even working with very many people in the fashion industry can be draining. We need to seriously support one another. On a positive note though, I feel Kenya is opening up to new thinking slowly by slowly and that's exciting.

6.    What challenges have you faced so far?

Where do I start? Being recognized among teenagers is not fun sometimes, if it's not hate comments... its rumors and if not that... pressure. Look a certain way, have a boyfriend, announce my relationships. Literally I could be out at a festival with a friend and it's like "omg guys that's Kiara's boyfriend" and I have to spend the next morning curbing rumors but the hardest part for me is realizing how many people look up to me and copy my every move, If I mess up people will think it's okay and copy me and that's especially difficult when you're a teenager also on a learning process, its like being expected to make no mistakes when you're at the same level as everyone else.

7.     What is your challenge to the industry and people?

Respect people's crafts. Stop expecting freebies!!! If your best friend is a photographer, pay for a shoot or give her/him something equally beneficial. 

8.     How can we contact you?

Email me at justthiskiki@gmail.com 

9.     An inspirational time when you felt like everything was not going your way? And what did you do to help change the situation?

My whole life really. I'm on a constant series of hitting rock bottom and simultaneously being all the way up there but in all honesty, after my 14th birthday I just was in this hole I don't know why but I was not okay and I realized that I'm a teenager and this is a path to self discovery, I fixed myself and music was there for me.

10.    Parting SHOT?

Quick shout out to my best friend Gemma, my mom and my boyfriend like these people are the only reason everything is what it is today :-)