Buluke stories: KONCEPTS and EVENTS Ltd

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Today, we focus on one brand that is changing the game when it comes to events and his story is that of a man who created an opportunity because he lacked a job after university and the most amazing thing is that he is now massively working to help young entrepreneurs learn and create their own opportunities...



Tell us about yourself and your brand?

My name is David Kyalo, 28 years of age, TOP 40 UNDER 40 MEN 2016 finalist, a visionary and a young entrepreneur.

I am the co-founder and managing partner at KONCEPTS and EVENTS Ltd (formerly known as Afriqque Ventures) www.konceptsandevents.com which is an Events and Marketing Company which was conceptualized since 2013. Through inception we have undertaken quite a number of projects some being;

a) First launch for garden city mall
b) 4 Events for World bank Kenya and Burundi
c) ISO certification for Hass Petroleum
d) Digital campaign for BIDCO
e) Beauty Pageant - Kenya Institute of Professional Studies
d) Staff Event - Ipsos Synovate

Among others…

Over the years we have successfully held a program - YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS EXPO AFRICA currently on the 5th edition. We have so far managed to create impact through the following: –

•Idea stage to Startups- over 2000 entrepreneurs have now registered new businesses
•Startups to SMEs- over 100 went to SME level employing between 2-5 people
•Investment acquisition -over 20 SMEs have been linked to Investment opportunities both and globally
•Mentorship -Over 1500 young entrepreneurs have been linked directly and indirectly to mentors through the young entrepreneurship expo, Biashara chats and young and making it forums.
•Attendance- we have had a record attendance now at 9,800 attendees over the years

My story as an entrepreneur started when I lacked a job immediately after I left university -Moi University-where I partnered with a former high school mate from Thika high school who is my current business partner. I would like to use my story and success to inspire generations to come not just in Kenya but Africa and beyond

During my free time I like travelling , dancing (pretty good dancer) , swimming , meeting & making new friends and taking nature walks

Five things that remind me I am still human;

Laughing till I shed tears

Having loud monologues when alone

Eating from a sufuria when in the house

Sleeping on the floor

What is the unique factor behind your business?

I had a passion for events as a student leader in Moi University in charge of Entertainment and communication. During my tarmacking period I realized most events lacked the WOW factor and we sought to give our customers /audience an Experience of its kind in every event we did.

It is really a story of a young man with a passion at the same time lack of opportunity that pushed me to create one for myself.

Describe the current surroundings with regards to your journey?

Most young people are stuck in un-employment; one thing that is very clear is that everyone will NOT be absorbed in the system. We need to encourage and empower the youth to be job creators so that they can be part of the solution and not the problem.

What challenges have you faced so far?

Corruption and majorly capital constraints for expansion as events equipment are really capital intensive.

What is your challenge to the industry and people?

My challenge to the industry is let’s take the industry to the next level in terms of high standards and creativity as we embrace healthy competition.

How can we contact your business?



Parting SHOT?

Nothing great will ever be handed to you. Stand up, step out and fight for it. If it was easy we would all be rich and successful. It might be hard but again not impossible.