Buluke Stories: Adira Creations


Hello there....

I hope you have all been keeping well. One of Buluke Inc goals is to ensure that we bring you stories behind brands, because sometimes we all get caught up in the glam and the lifestyle that we forget that this people are actually humans and a lot of hardwork, sacrifice and sleepless nights go into making their brand.

Sad thing is many of us never ask the real hard questions, but at Buluke we are going to tackle those questions and bring you inspirational stories that will not only educate you on the journey of building a brand but also make you have a new appreciation to your favorite brands. 

So without further time wasted, I would like to introduce you to Khui Karanja, the phenomenal young lady behind Adira Creation, a stylist, entrepreneur and a final year student. She is passionate about Fashion and is working hard to build her brand. 

We decided to get up-close and personal with her and she is truly phenomenal;


1.      Who is Khui? 

I am Khui Karanja, I am 21 years old, saved with amazing grace and a final year student at Machakos University taking a bachelor's degree in Fashion design and marketing.

 I watch movies and motivation videos, I read, I tinker around my wardrobe trying to find something I can experiment on but most times I sleep because my ideas are more clear in my sleep. lol.

I'm an emotional person my tears are always so close by its always a blinking race trying to stop them from getting out.

I am afraid of not getting things right in friendships and relationships so I sometimes tiptoe around people.

I don't have it all figured out as it may seem on the outside there are so many things I completely get confused about but people don't see that.

I have struggled with the fear of taking risks for a very long time but I'm now learning to jump into opportunities without overthinking.

As much as I say I love being indoors and at home I secretly wish I'd go out more, like travel, go on road trips, try out different restaurants because I looove to eat although that's ironic because I eat very little but I still  love food haha.

I get broke sometimes and bully my friends to pay my bill when we go out eating, I am an extremely jumpy person so I dance around to no music pulling and pushing people (haha)

2.      Tell us briefly about your brand, when it was started?

Adira Creations started in August last year after I participated in the Kenya Fashion Awards students competition. I didn't win but I got some good responses from people about my concepts and great style. Adira Creations is a styling and image consultancy brand and we also design outfit accessories such as bowties -hat's what we've done so far but more is yet to come-

3.      Is there a unique story behind your business or business name or logo? 

I fell in love with the name Adira back in 2016, I was in my 2nd year and we were studying fabric decorating techniques. We learnt about a west African fabric called Adire. I liked the name, it sounded pretty unique and different so I started to craft a brand name around it. But then I realized I couldn't name my business Adire because that was already popularly known as a fabric so I went through all the alphabets replacing the 'e' at the end. One day I saw my friends business card and his name is Adera, and I immediately had a light bulb moment "Adira". So i stuck with it till now.

4.      Why did you start your business? Is it personal to you?

So most times when asked why I started my business I just say I live and die fashion and style, which is true, what I don't talk about is the real reason I dove head first and began the brand when I did.

I was going through a lot emotionally at that time, trying to find myself, I would say that was my most vulnerable time. I remember crying a lot and begging God to remind me who I was. So in my pain and anger I decided to channel my energies to something I enjoyed, so I began to take selfies of my outfits every morning and post on Facebook describing them and giving fashion tips. That went on for a while and with time I began to realize my strengths and found my happy place. So my brand is very personal to me because its part of my growth process.

5.      Describe the current surroundings with regards to your journey? 

So when I started doing the Facebook posts of my outfit it was mostly therapy for me but with time my followers started to request for more tips of different styles so I began to observe the fashion problems around.

One major one is the lack of knowledge on how to dress one's body type, another is dressing one's personality. So that is why I've dedicated my brand to styling and image consultancy where I help my clients understand their bodies and how to style themselves. I also have a blog where I moved the tips I used to post on Facebook. That's where I give fashion hacks and style tips.

6.      What challenges have you faced so far?

So far I think my challenge has been narrowing down what my brand will do and what I'll be about. Before I settled down on styling and image consultancy I was all over the place, designing, making outfits and I found that I was always too tired and had no time to master any of these areas. But with the help of StartUpNow I've been able to narrow down and find my strength.

7.       What is your challenge to the industry and people?

My challenge to the industry is for the already established stylists and designers to take in upcoming stylists and designers and do a bit of mentorship or allow time for shadowing because there's room for all of us.

To the people, I'd challenge them to take a bold step and reach out to stylists and designers for their services and not assume they are expensive.

8.      How can we contact your business?

You can contact my business via email - adiracreations@outlook.com

On our Facebook page - @Adira Creations

Instagram - @khui_karanja

9.     An inspirational time when you felt like everything was not going your way? And what did you do to help change the situation?

That was very recently when I was almost giving up on building my brand and was considering terminating my contract with my brand developer. I was so frustrated because I was not making any money or progress.I took a step back and looked at how far I'd come and all I had done to get here and decided to try out one more time. I approached my brand developer and had a very  serious discussion about my brand and I slowly began to regain motivation to work again. I also did a lot of reading and prayer. Its not always about the money.

10.   Parting SHOT?

Whatever follows 'I am' will come seeking you, therefore speak great things over yourself every day. I am Awesome 😎