Update: iOS 11.3 - Issues *Sigh*

Its a new week and sad that the weekend ended but that only means more beautiful new experiences. Lets own this week!

This past weekend saw a new upgrade to iPhone software 11.3

Apple iOS 11.3 is "IT" (or was supposed to be" IT")!, simply because it will give users full control of how their devices function for the first time. 

So what prompted the new upgrade;

It all came about after news broke back in December that Apple had been intentionally slowing down old iPhones in order to maintain battery life. More than 30 lawsuits were filed in the US alone, so Apple apologized, offered replacement batteries at discount, then said would make a major change to iOS to let people disable throttling.

Apple had this to say: “iOS 11.3 introduces new features including ARKit 1.5 with support for more immersive augmented reality experiences, iPhone Battery Health (Beta), new Animoji for iPhone X users, and more. This update also includes stability improvements and bug fixes.

In a nutshell, expect below;

Apple News - a new 'For You' section displays personalised content and videos.

Advanced Mobile Location (AML) - shares your location automatically when making an emergency call (not available in all countries yet).

Apple Music Music Videos - a new music videos section has been added (it wasn't in most betas) as well as friend suggestions to improve community interaction.

App Store - reviews can be sorted by Most Helpful, Most Favorable, Most Critical and Most Recent, which should make them far more useful. 

Business Chat - businesses can now integrate customer support directly into the Messages app. Delta, Hilton, Low and Wells Fargo are among the launch partners. 

Updated Privacy Screen - part of a wider design update for submitting personal info to Apple or following new app requests

There are important security fixes in iOS 11.3 too. Of particular note in Apple's official list are a series of security patches to WebKit and Safari and vulnerabilities found in Mail, iCloud Drive, Telephony, Find My Phone and even the Clock. 


Social media and Apple Community platforms went crazy with complaints of bugs and I think Apple should work on an upgrade to fix the bugs ASAPPPP... Below are samples;

" I updated my iPhone 6s last night. iOS 11.3 now some of my audio replays skip. Two different sources. Has anyone complained about this?"

"Anyone else noticing that iOS 11.3 causes stutters and pauses in music?"

"Yes iOS 11.3. My downloaded music begins to “stutter” at certain points when playing when the phone is locked."

“.@AppleSupport can you please explain WHY my music keeps continually stopping & starting, speeding up & skipping songs, and why Siri will randomly come on. HOW do I stop this it’s absolutely ridiculous?! I have the iPhone 7 - all software up to date and is less than a year old!...It’s also started randomly hanging up during calls. Completely unacceptable. I’m paying nearly £60 a month for this phone!...Seriously my phone is utterly unusable at the moment. Siri constantly coming on and music constantly stopping starting and skipping. It’s an absolute joke. Your new iOS software is completely f***ing up. HOW DO I STOP THIS?!”

This fault is reportedly affecting iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 models (including Plus counterparts), but not reported affecting iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. 

We urgently need a release to fix all this bugs as we await 11.4 which is under Beta stage (This may take 6-8 weeks).

So, if you are an iPhone user, especially the older generations and you are having an issue with your phone after the upgrade now you know... :-)

Generally, it is a good move for iPhone to increase efficiency and manageability of our own phones however the only thing most people are pysched about other than Animal Emoji is the Battery Health.


Lets give them some time and best believe I will update you incase of any changes!

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