Hello guys..... :-)

Hope you have been keeping well.

I have been so busy but if you keep up with me on my social media pages, you will see I have been busy setting up wi-fi connectivity for Safaricom Lewa Marathon and Safaricom Blaze Event in Meru, but I am well.

So lets keep it fashion for now and save the engineering post for next week.

Let me be honest about this dress. I was very skeptical about it...why? you ask and the way you look stunning in it. Let me bruuuuk bruuukk break it down for yah!

It is a beautiful dress, but also its a bubble dress. If you know bubble dresses are for the less meatier chics. *Nooffense. I am very body sensitive and I was so scared that I will look round shaped. - Shape ya So to even shoot it was going to be difficult for me. Buuuutttttt.......

Achie suggested a belt and the fact that my hands are showing makes this dress to die for. It accentuates my waist beautifully and also its a dress you can rock to a beach wedding, an afternoon day out with your guuurls.

I absolutely love it.!!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the photos. Don't I just look yummy!!