This dress. Let me summarize;

  • The fabric - Super amazing, stretchy and also thick - amazing for a #teamthick
  • The fitting - Not too tight, but still body hugging - really considerate of all the cellulite, lets just be honest!!!!
  • The design - It brought out my curves perfectly. Showing what needs to be seen and the peplum was sensually hiding my tummy. - But who currrrs  right!!  (Side note though I am glad Achie Otigo did not go for the normal opaque peplum design. She opted for a transparent one.)

Real Talk

As a thick girl, sometimes its really hard to get into a shop and just pick out a dress. Sometimes I envy small girls, yaani they can just get their clothes so easily.

The issues I go through. Don't even get me started on trousers.- which I rarely wear by the way. - Achie can you just start shonaing jeans already. Either the jeans fit but your buttocks take the bigger part of the waist so it doesn't fit, when you get a dress or skirt, either it does that pandaing biashara....aarrggghh or its too baggy. So annoying.

So when I first met Achie and she made me my first dress and it was perfect. I just opted for creating clothes from scratch. That way the dress is made with your measurements so it will behave as clothes should.

Si I have digressed.....

Enjoy the pictures. 

Much Love. Buluke. 

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