Hey guys.......

I am really loving the journey so far. I am so dedicated to growing my brand as a creative artist. My first love is engineering - Which I am currently doing. My second has always been creative arts.

When you want to start anything new, especially a business my advice to you is as below;

1. Make sure it is something that you love. - This will ensure consistency because you can never get bored doing what you love.

2. Research. - Take your time and go online, ask friends, ask people in the field you want to venture in, ask ask ask. 

3. Draw a plan. - Once you have most of the information you need. Draw up a plan on how you want the business to progress. Both long term and short term. Write it down!!!

4. Invest. - This may be very diverse depending on the type of business and the magnitude. Some businesses may require external partners, others you can self fund slowly, others invove taking a loan. Bottom line INVEST!!

5. Sacrifice. - Most good things in life require sacrifice. Most people miss out on opportunities because they don't want to sacrifice! Sacrifice involves a lot, you will need to let go of some weekend parties/travels - meaningless expenditures, letting go of some friends, acquiring new friends, time....etc.

6. Time. - Every form of craft requires a big investment which is TIME. Everything good requires time!!!

I will leave you with this.....

It is not going to be easy, you will feel like giving up, there are days you will face "blocks"...But if you truly want to be great and to leave a mark, Fall seven times and wake up eight.