I always had a love for the arts. 

I loved drawing, writing poetry, music, calligraphy. Basically art.

In high school I used to sit under a tree with a book and a pen  and just pen my thoughts in poetry form.

When I came to Nairobi for campus, some of that fire was lost however I discovered art in modelling. There was a team of guys who would hold shoots every month at a standard rate. One time I decided why not....Let me see what I would do... what is the worst that can happen...I paid and went with my best friend (boo boo kitty) for 1 of the shoots. I believed I was a natural because for a first timer, I did preeeeeetttyyyy good and the results showed I was very photogenic.

That is how I began this journey.

Ps. This photos are about 5 years old. ;-)