iPhone (PRODUCT) RED Review

Hey guys…

Really hope you have been keeping well, I have too, thanks so much for asking. :-). I am also enjoying the rains BTW. Also I am re-watching FRINGE (For those Sci-Fi lovers).

Anyyyyyyway… let me get straight into it. Lets review the latest buzz in the tech industry.

  1. (PRODUCT)RED – The red iPhone
  2. The iPhone 8

-So a phone company releases a new colored phone and suddenly the tech world goes crazy. Oh Apple. Oh Jobs and Wozniak. Oh you guys, you did it again!!

So (RED) ismovement that fights against AIDS. Check them out for more info. https://red.org/what-is-red/

The first ever iPhone designed to support the fight against AIDS the iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED is here in bright shade of red. Simply put it is bold and beautiful. The Apple Logo at the back is stainless steel and the home button has a silver finish or is it lining!!- way-to-go Apple. Again Bold and Beautiful.

This iPhone 7 is identical to all other iPhone 7 models, it’s just the shade that is different.

When you buy this iPhone it is a way of supporting the fight against HIV/AIDs programs. Apple has given $130 million to this fund, out of a total of $465 million the fund has raised.

Pricing:- Same as other iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models and only available in the 128GB and 255GB capacity editions.

If you like iPhone’s, are a heavy user i.e require the said capacities and want to add some life in your 2017. Then choose this phone,you will be contributing to a noble movement.

Love. Buluke

I will do iPhone 8 tomorrow cuz sleep is bae now…