iPhone 8 – Many firsts of Apple

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So I promised you another review post on the highly anticipated iPhone8* so here goes;

ps*-It is only rumors because its not yet out.

First this is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone *Incase you didin’t know. Ait.

Let’s start with a pictorial look of how it is rumored to look like;


First we actually dont even know what they are going to call it, but going by the history of Apple we suspect iPhone 8 however other options are iPhone Edition or iPhone Pro.

Release Date

It is set to be unveiled- *is it a bride* – unveiled…oh well! It is to be release this September alongside a new iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. Let’s wait and see.

September is usually the normal release dates for Apple iPhone or rather lets say since 2012 on the release of iPhone 5.

Rumored changes

  1. The curved screen – I really wouldn’t advocate for this,however Apple might just succumb to the pressure to adapt.
  2. A 5.8-inch edge-to-edge screen.
  3. No home button and no bezel
  4. Higher-than-QHQ resolution *QHD is a resolution suitable to large-size screens. On mobile devices, given the 5.5 inch screens, QHD makes for a very high pixel density of 538dpi. QHD is on the horizon for higher end smartphones. A similarly named but different standard, qHD (quarter HD) is a resolution that is one-quarter of 1080p’s 1980×1080. -Who will help them push all those extra pixels though – Rumor has it they have already asked Sharp and Samsung.
  5. A curved glass back instead of aluminum. – Would really like to see this one.
  6. It may be waterproof.


  1. Augmented reality (AR) – Microsoft calls it “mixed reality” *Please google this.
  2. 3D Photographing


  1. Wireless charging – This would explain the glass back design thingy.
  2. Fast charging
  3. Two batteries – I need to see this.

Internal Specs

  1. From iOS 10 to iOS 11
  2. Apple A11 chipset upgrade from the current A10
  3. RAM may stick to 2GB instead of upgrading to 3GB and 3GB for the dual camera


$649 translating to about Ksh.700,000 – OK. *Sips coffee and takes a selfie. Really Apple. Anyway, I am sure it will be worth it, plus this might translate to just having a limited edition kinda phone.

This will be dependent on the capacities – 64GB, 128GB and 256 GB

iPhone Fun Fact – Did you know that loyal iPhone buyers on Apple’s annual iPhone upgrade contract,turn in their old phones for a new one every 12 months.


  1. An Iris Scanner
  2. A smart connector – used to attach accessories like keyboards.
  3. New sensing technology

Overall, the iPhone looks like one to look out for. You don’t celebrate 10yrs without a bang do you now.!!!

You decide.