Heyyyyy guyyyss!!!

Thank you for waiting to read yet another post.

I recently went through a life changing incident which led me to channel most of my energy back into my passion – Photography and Arts.

So let me tell you……The last time I was in-front of a professional photographer was about 2 and half years ago. So, when I decided to do this I was a bit scared and skeptical about my move plus, I have added some amount of weight since then. – Me and my body insecurities – I had a lot of jitters lets just put it like that!!

I knew I had to call in a team that knew me too well and one that I will be absolutely comfortable with.

Might I add – They are also very professional, critical and love their jobs too much to settle for mediocre.

  1. Achie Otigo (Designer) – Look her up here; Achie Otigo on FB and  Achie Otigo on IG
  2. Joseph Baraza (Photographer) – Look him up here; Purple Vase Photography and  JB on instagram

We came up with some really good stuff and I still got it even though I need some more dusting.

Here goes………………..