Hey there........

Sooooo, I have not written anything in over a month and I must say a lot of things including work, my workouts have stalled too.

To be honest, I have been going through a lot and I am not one to talk about my issues so much. I always just put out this face because I mean....everyone around me always comes first. 

I gave someone a lot of money and they conned me out of it which has been really weighing on me badly because I keep asking God why me?? But I know He always has reasons why things happen the way they do so I am just trying so hard to trust His process.

The worst is, it was someone I really trusted so much, and now most of the things I am doing around me require money and someone conned me!! as in!!! There are seriously evil people out there.

Then I have a very demanding job which takes so much time. Cuz bills again need to get paid..

Then I have my weekly shoots that need money...and hustle... uuurrrggghhh..

I am writing this really crying!! cuz I am tired, so very tired!!  

I have been seriously contemplating on closing the site and giving up all together so many times. But then I have this voice and fire deep within me that just tells me, I can make it. You will recover, just calm down...Buluke will come through no matter the struggles in life.

I did this shoot sometime back but I have not got time to post..but here goes;